Accreditation Preconditions

General Institutional Preconditions

Pursuant to Education Code Section 44227, I, the undersigned Superintendent of the Clovis Unified School District, which sponsors the Clovis Unified Induction Program, submit this letter of verification as evidence that the Clovis Unified School District shall adhere to the following requirements of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing in order to sponsor an approved Induction Program.

Precondition 1: Accreditation and Academic Credit

 I verify that the Clovis Unified School District agrees to sponsor the Clovis Unified Induction Program.

Precondition 2: Enrollment and Completion

I verify that once a candidate is accepted and enrolled in the induction program, the Clovis Unified School District Induction Program will offer an approved program, meeting the adopted standards until the candidate:

  1. Completes the program;
  2. Withdraws from the program;
  • Is dropped from the program based on established criteria; or
  1. Is admitted into another approved program to complete the requirements, with minimal disruption, for authorization

** In the event of program closure, a teach out plan which includes individual transition plans for each candidate as well as a plan for candidates and graduates to access their induction records would be developed.

Precondition 3: Responsibility and Authority

The Clovis Unified School District assures that there is an identified position within the organization that is responsible for ongoing oversight for all educator preparation programs offered by this institution.  The identified individual is the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability.  The Director of Induction and Teacher on Special Assignment report directly to this individual on an on-going basis to collaborate, process, and develop/coordinate the CUSD Induction Program.  Credential recommendations are provided solely by the Director of Induction upon a candidate’s successful completion of the CUSD Induction Program.

Precondition 4: Lawful Practices

I verify that all personnel decisions in the Clovis Unified School District are made without consideration of differences due to gender or other constitutionally or legally prohibited considerations.  This school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, political affiliation, gender, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, parental or marital status, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulation, in its educational program(s) or employment.  Clovis Unified posts the non-discrimination statement on the district website, and on every job posting. 

Precondition 5: Commission Assurances

I verify that Clovis Unified School District will (a) fulfill all of the applicable standards of program quality and effectiveness that have been adopted by the Commission, and (b) cooperate in an evaluation of the program by an external team or a monitoring of the program by the Commission; and (c) will participate fully in the Commission’s accreditation system, including the timely submission of documents required for accreditation.

Precondition 6: Requests for Data

I confirm that the Clovis Unified School District has identified the Director of the Induction Program as the qualified individual responsible for reporting and responding to requests from the Commission for the electronic submission of data, including, but not limited to, program enrollments, program completers, transferring candidate transportability processes, Early Completion Option criteria and number of Early Completion Option program completers, and candidate and state and federal reporting data within the specified time limits. I assure that institutional contact information will be updated annually as required by the Commission policy.  I understand that as an approved Induction Program we will participate in the accreditation activities as required by the Commission policy.

Precondition 7: Veracity in all Claims and Documentation Submitted

I positively affirm the veracity of all statements and documentation submitted to the Commission.

Precondition 8: Grievance Process

The Clovis Unified School District has a clearly delineated grievance process for candidates.  The grievance process information is accessible to all candidates and the district is prepared to provide documentation that candidates have been informed of the grievance process and that the process has been followed.  

Precondition 9: Faculty and Instructional Personnel Participation

This precondition does not apply to LEA sponsors of credentialing programs in California.

Precondition 10: Communication and Information

The Clovis Unified School District provides easily accessible and accurate information to the public, prospective educators, and enrolled candidates about the requirements for admission and successful completion of the program.

Precondition 11: Student Records Management, Access, and Security

The Clovis Unified School District will maintain and retain student records for a minimum of seven years.  The district will provide verification that:

  1. Candidates will have access to and be provided with transcripts and/or other documents for the purpose of verifying program completion through hard and digital copies.
  2. All candidate records will be maintained at the Induction office.
  3. Records will be kept securely locked in cabinets and/or in a secure server located in a room not accessible by the public.

Precondition 12: Disclosure

The Clovis Unified School District will disclose information regarding any outside organizations that will be providing any direct educational services as all or part of the educator preparation program sponsored by the program and identify the type of services the outside organization will provide.

Preconditions for Teacher Education Induction Programs

Precondition 1

Each Induction program must be designed to provide a two-year, individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support and professional learning that begins in the teacher’s first year of teaching.

The Clovis Unified Induction Program is a two-year, job-embedded professional development system, requiring enrolled teachers to have students with whom to work and a mentor assigned to ensure that individualized support and professional learning is offered.  Participants are actively engaged with their students while researching best practices related to the challenges presented by their own students, analyzing their own particular strengths and areas for growth, implementing their new learning with students, and assessing the results on student achievement.  As participating teachers embark on this professional journey their trained mentor, who may support no more than two participating teachers each year, provides weekly ‘Just-in-Time’ mentoring tailored to meet their teacher’s specific needs and to, ultimately, improve instructional practice and student achievement.  Weekly meetings are noted on the Mentor Log.

Most participants begin the induction program in their first year of teaching.  However, we also serve teachers who have had prior teaching experience.  Those teachers may apply for the Early Completion Option and, if approved, may complete the induction program in one year instead of two.

Clovis Unified may hire teachers after the start of the school year.  When induction program leaders receive notification from Human Resources of a recent hire, they contact and interview the teacher, completing the Professional History and Induction Eligibility form, determine program eligibility and complete the Notification of Participation, provide a Kick-Off to orient the newly enrolled teacher to the program, assign an appropriate mentor, and the support begins.

To help participating teachers continue to develop skills learned during their teacher preparation programs and meet contemporary conditions encountered in today’s classrooms, the program informs participating teachers and their mentors of professional development opportunities sponsored by the induction program and the district, creating an individualized induction experience relevant to each participant’s specific needs.

Credential Program Delivery ModelLocation

Completers 2015-2016

Enrollment 2016-2017 Completers 2016-2017Enrollment  2017-2018 Completers 2017-2018 
General Education Induction ProgramTraditionalClovis Unified School District10054 92 42 112 71
Clear Education Specialist Induction ProgramTraditionalClovis Unified School District 1620 16  8  22 10

Precondition 2

The Induction program must identify and assign a mentor to each participating teacher within the first 30 days of the participant’s enrollment in the program, matching the mentor and participating teacher according to grade level and/or subject area, as appropriate to the participant’s employment.

The staff of the Clovis Unified Induction Program have identified a pool of teachers, recommended by their administrators and approved by a panel of educators, to be mentors.  Program leaders make every effort to staff the pool each year with sufficient mentors to meet the needs of participating teachers at all grade levels and in all content areas.  All teachers in the mentor pool complete a comprehensive mentor training.

The induction program ensures that a mentor is assigned to each participating teacher within the first 30 days of enrollment in the induction program by adhering to the following procedure: The Clovis Unified Human Resources Department forwards an initial Professional History and Eligibility form for each new teacher to induction program staff at point of hire.  Each new teacher is then interviewed by email or in person by induction staff and the PHIE is completed to determine eligibility for induction. If the new teacher is eligible for induction, staff informs the participating teacher of his/her enrollment in the program through the Notification of Participation, and informs them of the date of the next Induction Kick-Off.  Program staff use the Mentor List to pair the participating teacher with a mentor who teaches the same grade level and/or subject area as outlined in the CUSD Pairing Policy, which is found in the Induction Handbook.  Program staff then sends the assigned mentor an email requesting a commitment to provide support for the new teacher and giving details about the participating teacher including name, site, and grade/content area. Mentors are usually paired with a participating teacher within one week of enrollment in the induction program.  Clovis Unified mentors are classroom teachers or Teachers on Special Assignment, as noted on the Pairing List, and may support no more than two induction participating teachers each year. 


Precondition 3

Each Induction program must assure that each participating teacher receives an average of not less than one hour per week of individualized support/mentoring coordinated and/or provided by the mentor.

The Clovis Unified Induction Program requires mentors to meet a minimum of one hour per week with their participating teachers to offer individualized support coordinated by the mentor.  This requirement is noted on the Memorandum of Understanding for Participating Teachers and the Memorandum of Understanding for Mentors in the Induction Handbook.  Some mentors are assigned participating teachers at their own sites and others support teachers at different sites, as noted on the Pairing List.  Regardless of the geographic location, mentors arrange a standing, one-hour, face-to-face meeting with their participating teachers each week to ensure a dedicated time to respond to the participating teacher’s specific needs. The meetings will occur on days and times convenient for both the mentor and the participating teacher.  Participating teachers and mentors note their weekly meetings on their individual Monthly Logs, which are a part of the CUSD online portfolio system.  Portfolio readers check the logs each month to ensure that participating teachers are receiving the weekly support to which they are entitled.  Hours are tracked on the Portfolio Reader’s Progress Tracking Record and are submitted to the induction office each month.

Mentors observe their participating teacher(s) at least five times (UPDATE: four times) each year, as noted on the Induction Substitute Days. The observations provide the mentor and participating teacher with insight into instructional practices and student progress.  Evidence gathered during the observations determines the focus for monthly “Just-in-Time” mentoring.  This process ensures mentoring offered is individualized to meet the needs of each participating teacher.  

Mentors also arrange for their participating teachers to observe exemplary teachers teach during the year.  The focus of the observations is guided by the “Just-in-Time” mentoring and the essential questions developed by the participating teacher during the inquiry.  The mentor is encouraged to accompany the participating teacher during these observations to help focus the observation so that it is relevant to the participating teachers own classroom and teaching practice.  Classroom observations are staggered throughout the year and do not all occur on the same day so substitute coverage is not an issue.

The minimum requirement of one hour of support weekly is easily met through mentoring, observations of the participating teacher, and the participating teachers’ observations of exemplary teachers.  The focus is always on individualizing the program to meet the needs of the participating teacher.


Precondition 4

Goals for each participating teacher must be developed within the context of the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) within the first 60 days of the teacher’s enrollment in the program.

The Individual Learning Plan is part of the formative assessment system used in the CUSD Induction Program.  All enrolled teachers are required to attend the Induction Kick-Off (program orientation), at which time they sign the Participating Teacher Memorandum of Understanding that outlines program requirements, including the Individual Learning Plan.  Mentors guide participating teachers in completing the planning portion, including goal setting, of the Individual Learning Plan within the first 60 days of the teacher’s enrollment in the induction program.  As late hires are enrolled, the same process is followed so that all requirements are met within the 60-day time frame.

The planning portion of the Individual Learning Plan guides the participating teacher to:

  1. Set professional goals for the year
  2. Describe the actions they will take to meet their professional goals
  3. Decide on and calendar the professional development that will help them meet their goals
  4. Define the measurable outcomes that may occur as they meet their professional goals

In order to plan appropriate and relevant professional goals, participating teachers discuss with their mentors their prior experience, the results of their most recent Self-Assessment, and feedback from the mentor’s September observation, as noted on A-3 September Observation Tool and A-4 September “Just-in-Time” Mentoring.

First-year participating teachers meet with their site administrators at the Site Orientation while second-year participating teachers meet with their site administrators at the Culture of Support ConversationThe site administrator provides input on professional development planned for the year at the site level that relates to the professional goals set by the participating teacher on their Individual Learning Plan.  Site administrators also share the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment’s (CIA) Professional Development Calendar, inviting participating teachers to choose session(s) to attend throughout the year that relate to their individual professional goals.  Grade-level and/or content area networking sessions, facilitated by CIA, are offered throughout the year and focus on content standards, effective instructional strategies, and resources.  Any professional development offered by the site, district, or larger community (e.g., Fresno County Office of Education, Diagnostic Center of Central California, etc.) that relates to the participating teacher’s professional goals are appropriate for the participating teacher to include on the Individual Learning Plan.

When the planning portion of the Individual Learning Plan is completed, usually within 30 days of the start of instruction, participating teachers upload it to their electronic portfolio under “Sept ILP”.

Precondition 5

The Individual Learning Plan must be designed and implemented solely for the professional growth and development of the participating teacher and not for evaluation for employment purposes.

In Clovis Unified, the Individual Learning Plan is designed to guide the participating teacher in setting goals relevant to their own teaching practice, selecting professional development to help them meet their goals, and encouraging them to implement their new learning with their students.  The Individual Learning Plan is unique to each participant and becomes the overarching document in the participating teacher’s portfolio, noting the professional growth and development that occurs throughout the induction period.  The Individual Learning Plan is reviewed periodically and updated and revised, as needed.

The Individual Learning Plan is a non-evaluative instrument and is not used for evaluation for employment purposes.  Site administrators meet with their participating teachers at the beginning of each year to, among other items, provide input about professional development offered at the site level that relates to the participating teachers Individual Learning Plan goals.  Other than this type of input, site administrators do not use the Individual Learning Plan to aid in the evaluation of the participating teacher or to determine future employment.  Site and district administrators do not have access to the participating teacher’s electronic portfolio and so are unable to review any induction documents for the purpose of evaluation.

As with all tools used during induction, the ultimate focus of the Individual Learning Plan is on improved teacher practice leading to improved student achievement.  Participating teachers, with guidance from their mentors, prioritize goals and work throughout their induction period to meet those goals, adding new goals as previous goals are met.  As their instructional practice improves, so should their students’ achievement.


Precondition 6

An Induction Program sponsor must make available and must advise participants of an Early Completion option for “experienced and exceptional” candidates who meet the program’s established criteria.

The Clovis Unified School District certifies that the Clovis Unified Induction Program makes available an Early Completion Option (ECO), in accordance with Senate Bill 57, for candidates that meet the program’s established criteria.  All candidates are informed of this option during the Induction Program Kick-Off, as noted on the Kick-Off Agenda.        **(Revised to include when candidates were informed of Early Completion Option).  Eligible and interested candidates complete the Early Completion Option Application and submit it for approval to the Induction office.  On the application, candidates document that they are experienced teachers by listing their teaching history.  Obtaining the site administrator’s signature on the application verifies that they are an exceptional teacher and that the administrator approves an accelerated program for this candidate. Approved Early Completion Option participating teachers complete requirements on the Induction Transcript and use the Early Completion Pacing Guide to ensure their work is completed on time.   (Reference Education Code Section 44279.25)

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