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Clovis bushes
The Grounds department is committed to providing an inviting, pleasing, and safe environment for all students, staff and the community of CUSD. The Grounds and landscape department consists of One Manager, two Supervisors, a Team leader at each of our High schools, a Team leader for Construction and Hazmat services, with 50 crew members to take care of 1200 acres.

Services includes taking care of all landscaping, turf areas, pest control, Sweeping of parking lots and black top areas, irrigation control and repairs, fencing and gate repairs, concrete and asphalt repairs, playground equipment installations and repairs by certified playground inspectors. A full time Arborist is on staff to take care of our 7,000+ trees. All Team leaders are certified through the State as Qualified Applicator to spray pesticides.

The Grounds department is responsible for keeping the quality and safety of our sports fields at a high standard, second to none in the state if not the nation. We host major sporting events like the, CIF State Track meet, CIF State Swim meet, Softball Nationals, World Band Association competitions, City/County All-star football games, Special Olympics games, not to mention the thousands of setups for co-curricular events such as Easter classic for baseball, soccer games for CJSL, Baseball for Fall ball, Football Passing tournaments, etc.

The Grounds department manages the entire MSDS Online enrollment for Plant Operations and is responsible for all Hazardous waste including:
  • Collection
  • Reporting
  • Cleanups of any hazardous waste spills throughout the District
  • Oversee compliance with Department of Pesticide Regulations, City and County Health department, Board of Equalization,
  • both Fresno and Clovis Fire Dept., Department of Toxic substance Control, and SB 2260 the Healthy schools Act
  • Submit applications annually for Hazardous waste Business plans for every site that generates Hazardous waste.
  • Monitor the hazardous chemicals and specimen waste in our Biology and Chemistry classes
  • Monitor oil and batteries pickups at Transportation and auto shops.


Stadium VMS looks great also! With a lot of hard work, the crew at BHS did a great job getting the field back from the long season. There is literally only a few weeks from one season to the next to get the field renovated. Great Job Crew!

Managers Moment
Since the start of the fiscal year, VMS has hosted, two band review competitions, an Elementary football carnival, and 11 regular football games on this field, and the season is just starting.

Reseeding season is just around the corner. Weather is cooling down and fall comes this month.  We cannot wait to reseed! It will make it look amazing for our soccer teams.

Wow, where did the summer go! School is back in session, and the start of school opened without a hitch. Kudos to the hard working employees who worked overtime to get things ready for our kids.

This Year brought the addition of two Groundkeeper-2 this year. These positions not only help add a person to our concrete and tree crews, but it meant promotional opportunities within our department, and permanency for some of our subs. We were also able to secure a new mow crew tractor with Disc, replacing a failing one as well as two new ball field renovators, called Kopplings, which should greatly reduce our time renovating the 100+ ball fields we have in the District.

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