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Proposed Changes in Transportation Availability

Radius Zone Maps
Board Policy 8301 provides transportation for students who live in excess of an established radius zone. The zone will be a radius of 1 mile for grades K-6 and 2.5 miles for grades 7-12.

Community Funded Transportation Run Within Radius Zone

Community Funded Bus Run Chairperson Handbook

If a community is inside the radius, as established in Board Policy No. 8301, and raises sufficient funds to pay for the cost of operating a run, the District will provide the transportation. Ridership on a community funded run is subject to regular rules and regulations. The process of establishing a community funded transportation run is as follows:

Step One – Contact Director of Transportation to request analysis of the special service run. A community request must be submitted 60 days before the start of the next school year.
  1. Calculation of costs shall be for actual run and time mileage only. The Director of Transportation will determine appropriate stops.
  2. Salaries and benefits shall be calculated on Step 9 of School Bus Driver II and the statutory rates applicable.
  3. Mileage for the run shall be calculated on the current school site mileage reimbursement rate for bus operation only.

Step Two – Approval of Governing Board to operate a special service community funded transportation run pending prepayment of the service run.

Step Three – On or before fourteen (14) calendar days before the run begins, all funds must be deposited with Clovis Unified School District for the entire school year, before the services will begin. The cost of the run will be based and prorated on the number of days operated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the the name of a school below to view a map of the radius zone for that school:

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Red radius line represents locations that will not be eligible for transportation.
Blue line represents the school boundary.

High Schools

School NameRadius Map
Buchanan High School View Radius Map
Clovis East High School
View Radius Map
Clovis West High School
View Radius Map
Clovis High School View Radius Map
Clovis North High School View Radius Map
CART View Radius Map
Gateway High School View Radius Map

Intermediate Schools

School NameRadius Map
Alta Sierra Intermediate View Radius Map
Clark Intermediate View Radius Map
Granite Ridge Intermediate View Radius Map
Kastner Intermediate View Radius Map
Reyburn Intermediate View Radius Map

Elementary Schools

School NameRadius Map
Bud Rank Elementary View Radius Map
Cedarwood Elementary View Radius Map
Century Elementary View Radius Map
Clovis Elementary
Copper Hills Elementary** View Radius Map
Cole Elementary View Radius Map
Cox Elementary** View Radius Map
Dry Creek Elementary View Radius Map
Fancher Creek Elementary** View Radius Map
Fort Washington Elementary** View Radius Map
Freedom Elementary** View Radius Map
Fugman Elementary View Radius Map
Garfield Elementary** View Radius Map
Gettysburg Elementary View Radius Map
Jefferson Elementary** View Radius Map
Liberty Elementary View Radius Map
Lincoln Elementary** View Radius Map
Maple Creek Elementary** View Radius Map
Miramonte Elementary** View Radius Map
Mountain View Elementary** View Radius Map
Nelson Elementary View Radius Map
Oraze Elementary View Radius Map
Pinedale Elementary View Radius Map
Reagan Elementary
Red Bank Elementary** View Radius Map
Riverview Elementary View Radius Map
Sierra Vista Elementary View Radius Map
Tarpey Elementary** View Radius Map
Temperance-Kutner Elementary View Radius Map
Valley Oak Elementary View Radius Map
Weldon Elementary** View Radius Map
Woods Elementary View Radius Map
** Do not receive any transportation services.

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Buchanan Area Schools

Buchanan Alta Sierra Cole Century Dry Creek Garfield Tarpey Woods

Clovis High Area Schools

Clovis High Clark Cedar Wood Mickey Cox Gettysburg Jefferson Red Bank Sierra Vista Weldon Clovis Elementary

Clovis West Area Schools

Clovis West Kastner Ft. Washington Liberty Lincoln Maple Creek Nelson Pinedale Valley Oak

Clovis North Area Schools

Clovis North Bud Rank Copper Hills Fugman Mountain View River View

Clovis East Area Schools

Clovis East Boris Fancher Creek Freedom Miramonte Oraze Temperance Kutner Reagan Elementary

More Schools

CART Gateway Clovis Online School Clovis Community Day School Clovis Adult Education Sierra Outdoor